Book Chapters

Working Papers

  • The Effect of Anger Appeals on the Support for Secessionist Parties. R&R, Journal of Politics

  • Vaccine Nationalism Among the Public: A Cross-country Experimental Evidence of Own-country Bias towards COVID-19 Vaccination. R&R, Social Science & Medicine (With Greg Sheen, Hans H. Tung, and Wen-Chin Wu)

  • Double Standards in Human Rights Assessment in China: Experimental Evidence Across Seven Democracies. Under review (With Greg Sheen)

  • Cross-National Measures of the Intensity of COVID-19 Public Health Policies. Under review (With Robert Kubinec and 10 others).

  • Fear, Partisanship and the Spread of COVID-19 in the United States. Under review (With Robert Kubinec and 5 others)

  • The Legacy of Exposure to Ingroup Violence: Evidence from Sri Lanka

  • How Post-Conflict Manipulation of Historical Memory Alters the Legacy of Violence. In progress (With Leonid Peisakhin)

  • Personal Transfers and Intergroup Cohesion: A Field Experiment in Post-war Liberia. In progress (With Sekou Jabateh)

  • The Ideological Legacy of Regime Transitions: Political Conservatism as a Response to Political Uncertainty. In progress (With Taishi Muraoka)